How to Recruit Properly from Day One

If you ask any successful Network Marketer they will tell you that in order to successfully build your Network Marketing business you must first uncover what it is your prospect wants. Then you must teach them to do the same once they start prospecting.

Is the person you‟re talking to deep in debt?

Do they just want a few bucks each month for the extra things in life?


Do they want to build a huge MLM organization and be filthy rich and travel the world and live like a rock star?

These are important things you must know first before you start talking about your product or business opportunity.


The easiest way to uncover this information is to ask specific open ended questions…

Question such as:

“Can you tell me why you’re looking to earn extra money from a part time business?”

“How would your life change if you had an extra N100,000 coming in each month?”

“Tell me a little about your last experience with a home business or will this be your first time?”

…Then be quiet and listen, I mean really listen! Listening will build rapport and great rapport has built empires!

The less you talk and more you listen… the bigger and faster your team and income will grow.

This prospecting technique can be done using email, the phone, and instant messenger programs.

This simple yet extremely effective secret, once mastered, is all you and your team need to remember and act on when prospecting. This works whether you do it via email, phone, face-to-face or any form of communication.

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It‟s best if you avoid talking about the company or product until you figure out how it will fill their need.

Your prospect may have a completely different reason for wanting to get involved in a home business than you do.

I can‟t stress how important this simple, yet crucial part of the recruiting process can impact your level of success and help expand your empire.

Remember to teach this to your team along the way and success in Network Marketing will be yours.

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