How to Make a Good Start in Network Marketing

The end of the year is a good time to set new goals and make new plans for the beginning of another year. And this is also right timing for those who want to start or make a new start in network marketing. So whether you are starting anew, making a comeback or want to help one struggling to jump start in network marketing you will find the following tips making a difference for good when taken action upon.

1. Begin With the Right Attitude or Mind Set.

This is basic to success in any venture and especially in network marketing. How you think and what you believe determines what you do. Your habits of mind and set beliefs determine what you do or not do. You do or do not do the things that lead to success because of what you think and what you believe. Negative beliefs prevent you from doing the right thing and instead cause you to do the wrong things like giving up after trying a few times and not getting the result you want.

You need to take network marketing for what it is: a business. Whether you are doing it part-time or full-time, do it intentionally and give it your 100% attention and commitment. Do not treat it as a hobby, or pastime, or do it only when you feel like it or only when you have time.

You need to develop strong positive beliefs on three things:

On Yourself. The primary way of doing this is removing ingrained negative beliefs about yourself which you have accumulated over the years. Removing negative beliefs enable you to master the confidence that You Can Do It. You exercise this belief by making a commitment to go for your dreams until you achieve it.

On network marketing. You can boost your belief by knowing the conviction of persons of business integrity.

On Your Network Marketing Company – Its Leaders, Products, Compensation and Marketing System. You need to learn all that need to be learned. Attend company training and events. Read about your network marketing company. Connect and remain connected with empowering persons in your company – leaders, sponsor and upline and other team members. You can borrow their belief and convictions until you develop your own.

When you have these strong and confident beliefs, they are powerfully transmitted to the persons you talk to about your company, product and opportunity.

You need to have the heart for service. When the interest and welfare of other people is at the top of your mind, your main posture will be how to provide value or solution to their problems, answers to their needs or help for achieving their goals; it will not be a make a sale or recruit at all cost. Your main focus will be how it will help them and you don’t mind to let them go if what you have to offer is not yet within their mind or interest.

2. Have Clear WRITTEN Goals

“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.” Brian Tracy

Be clear about what you want to achieve with your network marketing business. People tend to take light of this with the thought that “I know what I want”, but it takes more to be 100% committed to one’s goal, as you can discover in this free ebook by Simona Rich: 100% Committed to Goals. Goals must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. If you have not a written statement of your goals, you are missing its auto-suggestive and motivational power. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California, showed in her Research on Written Goals that those who write goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who do not.

3. Know and Write Your Big Why

Your deep and abiding reason for doing network marketing and going for your goals is one strong motivating force that will enable you to persist until you succeed. Without a big and strong why you will be daunted by the challenges ahead, mostly from within yourself and by consequence from the circumstances created by your negative habits of thought.

You need to spend real time searching from deep within you your big why. Once you discover it, you find yourself energized and empowered and moved to do what needs to be done to be going after your goals. Without your big why,you’ll find yourself coasting along, doing only what must be done “when you feel like it” or “when you have time”, powerless to overcome your inertia (laziness) or fear of failure; easily give up when met resistance or rejection.

Writing it and constantly keeping it before you and reading it periodically will deeply ingrain it in your deep mind as to subconsciously empower and direct you when needed and keep on pursuing your dream no matter what it takes.

4. Be Definite About the Price You are Willing to Pay for Your Dreams and Goals.

Achieving your goals and dreams require definite investment in time, effort and money. An exercise to determine how much time you have available is to block out in your daily schedule for a week what you must be doing everyday (without yet your network marketing activity): bath and grooming, meals, travel for work, work schedule, etc. What remains is your free time and/or leisure time, which you can set aside or give priority for your network marketing activity. From your monthly budget, set the must expenses and optional expenses. From the later, you can set aside or deduct funds you need for operating your network marketing business – for marketing materials, phone bills, travel.

5. Have a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plan of Activities.

No builders build without some kind of architectural plan in the drawing board. Like all other successful endeavor, network marketing success especially for a beginner is facilitated by clear plan of activities like the 80-10-10 plan for making money. The plan includes the following:

a. Focus goals for the month, weeks and days.
b. List of your prospects constantly updated through referral or other source of leads.
c. Daily time schedule of people to call for appointment, meet-up or follow-up.

6. Have a Daily Personal and Skills Development Program

If you have gotten the notion that Network Marketing is simple and easy, know that it is true only for those who know how to do the right thing, love what they are doing and passionate about their goals and dream. A simple google or you tube search for the knowledge or skill you lack will yield what you need. According to Brian Tracy, personal development and success expert, reading 1 hour a day is equivalent to 30-50 books a year which is the same number of books required to write a doctoral dissertation; and especially with practical materials, will eventually make you an expert.

Among priority topics to read and learn are: developing rapport and starting conversation, creating interest, sorting out more likely prospect, how to invite, how to present. Practical resources you can tap are articles and blog posts or videos by network marketing gurus like Tom “Big Al” SchreiterMichael ClouseEric WorreMark Yarnell and Ray Higdon to name a few.

7. Do Something Everyday

Knowledge is dangerous without action. You get the illusion that you know it already and you’re doing okay or moving forward but in reality you have it only in your head. Michael Clouse emphasize it as the one thing that matters most in his article “Activity Matters Most”, underscoring the list of activities needed to be done by network marketers. Doing some positive action everyday even without immediate concrete result is the most important thing. Consider your daily activity as planting, fertilizing or watering for the harvest. When you do it faithfully you can look forward to a bountiful harvest. Do at least 1 concrete, positive action each day if time is a constraint; that’s 365 positive actions in a year – 365 days which will soon pass before you know it.

Anyone can start or start again with network marketing with much greater chances of success when the above items are done on a consistent basis. To make the above your intention and making a commitment to yourself to do them will generate results that may even surpass your expectation, especially when you make this commitment and be accountable to someone you respect and who really care that you succeed. These 7 items may for some be challenging and formidable, but when you have compelling dreams and goals which capture your imagination and makes you excited and joyful whenever you imagine what it means to have them fulfilled, they will become easy and doable.



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