How To Create Positive Relationships And Build Trust On Social Media

How To Create Positive Relationships And Build Trust On Social Media

As a network marketer, you may wonder how you can stand out in your market, especially if it’s saturated. It’s vital to make an impression on your current and potential customers, prospects, and distributors if you want to reach your goals and grow your business. So often we turn to social media to help us reach people, but even our feeds become so crowded with posts vying for attention. What can you do to stand out and provide value to your favorite people?

It all starts with trust.

You’re in the relationship business so make sure you make relationships your business! The first step is to build trust. Now, of course, you’ll build trust with your peeps each time you message them or send them a text. However, you can also build trust through the information you post.

Now, I’m not saying you take the approach of a traditional salesperson and bombard your feed with heavy-handed product information intended to pressure your followers into a sale. The only action they’ll take is to unfollow you and you don’t want that.

There’s a far less annoying and aggressive way to build trust through social media. Are you ready for it? Post valuable information consistently to your feed. What’s considered “valuable”? It’s up to you what you post; however, I’ve created a valuable acronym to help: HIRE, as in:

Lift people HIRE

So HIRE, let’s break it down.

The H is for help.

Can you post something helpful? It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing. If you come across something helpful, share it. People love that and they’ll see you as somebody who’s there to help them.

The I in HIRE stands for inspiration.

We all need inspiration, especially these days. We all need to be inspired. So look for things that are inspiring and share them. If something small happens, it’s inspiring, share it. If you come across a video or a meme or a quote that’s inspiring, share it. Focus on being an inspiration to the people who follow you.

Now the R in HIRE stands for relationship. What do I mean by this is that people want to feel like they know you. They want to feel like your friends.

And so you have to share a little bit of yourself and a little bit of your life. Now you may be a very private person and that’s fine. You don’t have to share everything. Some of you are comfortable sharing everything, which is fine, but you do need to share enough so that people feel connected to you. They need to know that you have a family that you care about, you know? Just think about how you can share just a little bit about what you’re doing in your life so that people can feel connected to you.

And the last letter in HIRE is E for education.

This is your chance as a professional to show how competent you are. Do you want to educate people in the area of your business, right?

If your business is health and nutrition, let people know about things like, did you know this food is nutritious or did you know broccoli has more vitamin C than oranges?

Let people use posts to educate people on little bits and pieces of your area of competency. If you’re skincare, then talk about skin. If you’re makeup, talk about, you know, educate people on how to do things with their makeup. The point is education is where you get to really shine.

If I was an electrician and I wanted to build trust with my audience, I would show them to do how to fix some simple electrical thing.

Does this make sense?

So hire, help, inspiration, relationship, and education, focus on those things in your posts, and understand that all your posts need to be about your audience, not about you, but about serving your audience.

And if you do these things, your social media platforms will become a huge part of building the trust that fuels your business.

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