How Important is your Personal Freedom to you?

How important is your personal freedom to you? Don’t worry-this letter isn’t a political solicitation. I’m talking about the freedom that comes with being your own boss, and especially the extra level of freedom you will enjoy as a network marketing entrepreneur.
The first part is simple. Being your own boss means no one looking over your shoulder and telling you to do things THEIR way. It means being able to set your own schedule and see your loved ones whenever you want. YOU get to decide how to manage your time and energy most efficiently. And just ask anyone who’s ever been self-employed-even when you have to work hard for long hours, the work seems easier and the time spent working seems shorter than when you’re working for someone else.
That brings me to the great thing about network marketing, and the second sort of freedom it offers. You can work as much or as little as you want. And while you will probably want to work hard at the beginning, it typically takes less than a year to build a great team of other self-motivated entrepreneurs. Once you have your team set up, you will have one thing entrepreneurs in other businesses usually take decades to reach: all the free time you want.
You see, once you have developed a team of recruits, you receive a portion of all of their income. The more they make, the more you make. You’ll be leveraging their efforts into time and money the same way owners of Fortune 500 companies leverage the efforts of their employees. And just like those entrepreneurs, once your team achieves a certain level of success, you begin to make money 24/7 without lifting a finger. If you build a strong enough team, you can eventually rake in a six or seven-figure income stream while you’re golfing, surfing, or traveling.
With the business opportunity, I’m offering, your earnings potential is truly unlimited. And that’s where the third sort of freedom comes in-the freedom to do nearly anything you want. Your income no longer has to be spent entirely on bills and necessities, with only a tiny portion left over for a few small indulgences.
Let your mind savor the possibilities. You vacation with your loved ones in Paris or Dubai, while the money rolls in from the efforts of other entrepreneurs go-getters in your team. You can donate to charities or causes, start other businesses, or go back to school and get degrees in any subjects that interest you. Once you have the freedom that comes with true financial independence, your options are boundless.
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