8 Different Types of Personalities You Meet While Prospecting

To master the art of persuasion—as well as selling and enrollment—you must also learn to
recognize and work with different personality types.

8 Different Types of Personalities You Meet While Prospecting

1. The Balkers. These people are indecisive. They can’t make up their minds. It takes a lot of patience to deal with them. Sooner or later, you have to support them in moving the action in a forward direction by asking, “What would keep you from making a decision to join us today?”

2. The Talkers. You can control the talkers by asking questions to keep pulling them back on track. Use simple questions they can answer “yes” or “no” interspersed with questions that allow you to develop rapport, identify what’s important to them or missing from their lives, and support them in seeing how your offerings can contribute to their lives.

3. The Clams. Keep drawing them into the conversation with questions to make them talk. Ask for advice or for their opinions.

4. The Skeptics. With the cynics, use a lot of raw data. Pour on the proof statements and documentation. Keep getting agreements as you go along. Never argue or make these skeptics wrong. Instead, listen to their concerns and assist them to see the value you are presenting.

5. The Sarcastic Souls. Sometimes they’re hard to take, but keep your cool. Find out what’s behind their sarcastic remarks. Laugh at their sarcasm. Listen to the concerns that underlie their words. Support them to see the value.

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6. The Egotists. Resist the temptation to tell them off. Feed their egos by asking their opinions and giving them compliments. Win them over by giving in on all minor issues. Empower them to choose your company and join your team.

7. The Bullies. They get their way by acting tough. Be nice, but stand your ground. Don’t run, don’t fight—just stand. In the end, this is a business in which we get to choose who our business partners will be. Perhaps you might decide not to invite some people with poor attitudes to join you.

8. The Timid Ones. Take it nice and slow; don’t rush them. Concentrate on building their confidence. Network marketing is a business where anyone willing to work on themselves along with their business can be successful.

You have to deal with different types of people in selling your products and services and in interviewing for potential business partners. The better you become at discovering and dealing with each of the different personality types, the more successful you can be.

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