Six Must Have Attitudes in a Network Marketer

Every new network marketer would be given the same resources, the same starter kit, the same training. Why is it that some network marketers can turn into superstars while there are some who perform below average? The answer: A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!

In network marketing, if you do not have the correct attitude, you are likely to face more challenges and obstacles than the rest.

Fortunately, you can “programme” yourself with the right attitude. What kind of attitudes is desirable of a network marketer?

1. Believe in Your Product

The key to network marketing success is by believing in your products! If you do not, it is unlikely that you are able to convince your potential clients to buy them. In fact, there is no reason for you to be in the business at all! Spare yourself from negative thoughts about your products. Instead of thinking “It is so expensive that no one is going to spend money to buy it”, think “It is such a useful product with good quality so I just need to show my clients that it is indeed value for money.”

2. Learn like a sponge

Open yourself to new concepts and techniques from all the workshops and trainings that you have attended. Instead of questioning them, practise them to see how they work in real life! People have used it and it worked for them. So there is no reason why it does not work on you.

3. Don’t give excuses

The business is yours and it is totally your onus to make it work. So stop giving excuses when your business meets a stunted growth. Look at your shortcomings and work on it. If your communication skills are lacking, work on it! If your persuasions skills are lacking, work on it! You will never grow if you keep giving excuses for yourself.

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4. Don’t point fingers at others

Do not blame others when your strategies fail even after your best try. Instead, reflect and analyse what went wrong. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat it again.

5. Maintain a positive outlook

We tend to give up and look at things negatively when we face challenges. This mindset is counter-productive and will hinder us from success. Instead, maintain a positive mindset by affirming yourself “I can do this” or “I will get this done”. It keeps us going at down times.

6. Enjoy what you are doing

Nobody wants to work with gloomy people. When you enjoy your work as a network marketer, you will directly influence your colleagues as well as your clients. People will be more likely to feel more comfortable listening to you and be more convinced about your products.



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