Most Important Things to Learn If You Want to Become Highly Successful.

We spend 30% of our lifetime working that’s between 25 to 30 years of our life. Most people work 8 hours each day. Now, think about it, if you spend 8 hours doing something you don’t like. Pretty much angry, frustrated and you will have less energy. What will be your attitude towards life? Lousy one, where you hate what you do and you will feel like is just nothing more than what you.

You won’t enjoy much, love more, care much and you will be unhappy. Which is why passion and purpose are very important. Most people worry about money and success when thinking about the passion. And most people don’t follow their passion because of fear and what other will think.

Our main desire is to be free. Since we are not free from our work, we will substitute it with something else. Although nothing can ever do that, at least not materialistic thing. So, we try to fill it with materialistic things. Money!!! And we run towards it entire life and try to fill the bottomless hole with it. When this happen we find people who don’t care about other and don’t work properly.

People find ways to feel the freedom. They start hating other who are enjoying. Many people start corruption. Corruption does have to be related to money. It simply not doing working enthuse, it can be a teacher who does not teach well, a security guard or perhaps any other person. Why you should believe on all this? History is full of people who have proven that greatest thing you can ever do is to follow your passion.

Or do what you believe is true and real for you. Steve Jobs, he started from nothing. He didn’t had money to investment and even drop out the college. He had no idea what to do with his life. And please know that it’s to not know what do. Just keeping working and reading you will find your passion. Anyways, finally steve jobs found something he loved. Without any degree and education, he started working on his dream in garage.

So it is very important to follow passion.

Your action depends upon your thinking and you can change it.

According to Tony Robbins, 80% of success depends upon your mindset. We do exactly opposite of it. We give our best working or this and that and never realize that most important factor is our mindset. When someone asked Less Brown, what is hardest thing you did in order to become Millionaire, less replied: Convening myself that I do it! We don’t pay much attention to things we think about and our attitude towards different things in our life. Like, what goes in our mind when we face problem? How do we react?

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Do we complain or see it as an opportunity to grow and learn? See, we can’t control everyone and everything around us but we can control how we react and act. We can be happy in painful condition, we can choose to become happy, we can choose love and care. Most people don’t do anything because they don’t believe and fear and you can’t get over fear if you don’t know your under it’s grip.

And you only realize it when you focus on your mindset. Do you know which is worst and most deadly person in the world? Surprisingly enough person does not have walls or any other boundaries to limit the people. It has any guard to. It’s has nothing and every one can choose to run away and feel the freedom. But most people don’t do that? It’s your mind. It can be your worst enemy if you don’t pay attention to it.

It’s mindset and passion that separates successful people from unsuccessful people.

Get comfortable with uncomfortable things

When you will go about changing your life or perhaps doing anything worthwhile in your life you will face problem. You will find yourself in uncomfortable conditions. And we trained to stay away from uncomfortable conditions and run away from them.

However, we learn new things, we rise to glory and become iconic when we realize that feeling of suffering and uncomfortable is necessary for growth. For example if you don’t know how to ride bicycle, you will fail and you will find it hard to ride bicycle. You may get injure or just feel that it’s hard. However, it’s because that paid and suffering you will learn new things.

If you don’t know much about public speaking and your shy, then presenting yourself is going to tough at the beginning. You can either choose to give up or go through pain learn something new. If you chose to present your self, then you may feel fear, people may laugh it your or anything else can happen. But again, it’s in that process you learn something and you grow. Everyone has master something has practice more than other.

Muhammad Ali once said that “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit.

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

Make it your mission statement. Remember that when you suffer, you learn and get something. One who wants to karate champion has to go through suffering and pain. Same is true for all professions, a great teacher, a business man, scientist, a singer or any other things. You have to decide weather pain and suffering you have to go through is worth the prize you will get. Prize simply is what you will get. Muhammad Ali’s prize or reward was to become the greatest in boxing world.

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So, set the goal and ask yourself: is it worth investing time and putting effort?

You can’t change things in past or future. All you have is moment.

Many times we tell ourselves that we will do something after one hour or day or month or year or we regret and think about past and feel that we can’t do it because we failed in past. It’s misery of everyone’s life. Regret or waiting for perfect condition bound us and we turn in to lazy, scare, fearful. Many people complain and say that they will start working on their dream after they earn money or after something else happens. And days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and years. And many people never start working on career they want to go into. We forget that there is no past or future in reality. It all exist in our minds. Can you do something about past things? It’s just memory and no matter how much you think about it you can’t change it.

Same is true for future. Can you exactly know what will happen tomorrow? Now, don’t get me wrong. Planing your future and remembering the sweet and happy moments of your life are great things. And both require you to reflect on past or future.

However, thinking about negative stuff happened in past or waiting for things to become perfect is not good. It’s does not give you anything. All you have is moment. You can’t work after five minutes or day. You can work now! Let’s you say to yourself that you will work tomorrow. Think about! You can’t work on tomorrow. Why because it will be the moment. So, do whatever you want do now! People you want to care about. Don’t say you will start caring your mother tomorrow or you will do something after one weak.

Don’t forget to smile! Enjoy the journey of the life.

Our end goal is to feel happy not to suffer. It’s not success but feeling and satisfaction it bring that make us happy. It’s not fame or money but it’s about happiness. Don’t give upon the happiness just because your working or your dream. In fact if you followed your dreams you will feel happiness in moment of pain and suffering. Many people make the mistake of setting goal and working ruthlessly and forget to smile and enjoy. Working on what you want is great.

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Here is what many people do. Don’t set your happiness on things you will do in future. Like, I will be happy If I came first or I create app. They set a goal, let’s earning one Million and they work towards it day and night, which is great. But they if the stop enjoying or feeling happy, then they are ruining the ultimate purpose. Let’s after 3 years you get earn one Million and you feel happy? Does that make sense. I mean work 3 years and don’t feel joy to get happy? So, basically your trying to become happy for a moment by making yourself unhappy for years? Its not good idea.

Also remember that happiness is choice and a habit. Those are happy choose to become happy. They make it practice. These people promise themselves to not to forget smile and enjoy. Don’t say you want to be happy because happiness comes from internal and within you. It’s in your hand. God has given you the power of choice. You can always choose happiness or sadness. Know that you choose to be happy at any moment you want. It’s up to. You can do it!


All these things pay a great role in quality of your life. Let’s recap what we talk about.
Remember that I have just scratch the surface here. You can go into details about all these things. And if you will do, I bet you it will change your life. Many people had lived a great life and we can learn from them.

We don’t have to go through all ways that don’t work. All we have to do is follow them. You know many times what you should do. Also read books about decision making and thinking to make smart choices.

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