MLM 101: Tips to Elevate Your Career in Networking

MLM 101: Tips to Elevate Your Career in Networking

Networking—also known as network marketing and multilevel marketing (MLM)—is more than just buying and selling goods or channeling your salesperson side to talk your friends and family into turning them into millionaires by joining your network. Because of the low success rates of networking, many people have a misconceived notion that this type of business is doomed to failure.

Nonetheless, an MLM business can fail and succeed in the same way any other business does. Hence, don’t let all the myths get the better of you. MLM business is a legitimate business model. Don’t let yourself think otherwise and keep your chin up. One of the secrets to a successful networking career is to treat and see your MLM venture as the business it truly is.

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Here are some helpful tips to help you elevate your career in networking:

  1. Arm yourself with the knowledge of network marketing

One of the best ways to establish a solid network marketing business is to become a master in network marketing. This way, you will be safe from being a victim of pyramiding and networking scams. Study the network marketing industry, and look for high-caliber MLM leaders that can best match with your network marketing organization. The key here is to learn as much as you can about networking because when you recruit people to your team, they will be more inclined to join your group if they can see that you really know what you are talking about.

  1. Keep on learning
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There’s no such thing as enough education when it comes to network marketing or any business in general. A network marketing guru is someone who’s always hungry for more information about the industry he’s in. Set a time for yourself every day where you can spend educating yourself. The top leaders in today’s network marketing world became as such because of their never-ending eagerness to improve and educate themselves. In other words, if you want to become one of the top earners in this industry, then take it from the present industry leaders. You will learn that they work daily on developing themselves. So, read, read, and read. Attend training sessions, seminars, and conferences. Talk to those who have made it, if possible.

  1. Steer away from recruiting your family and friends

I’ve had family members before who constantly complained about their friends bugging them to join their MLM business. Trust me, nothing will irritate your family and friends more than you pleading them to join your network organization over and over again. Many network marketing companies also use this gather-your-friends-and-family approach. They tell you to reach out to all the people you know and have them on board as well. However, it is actually best to leave your family and friends be because nothing’s worse than making your future interactions with them awkward or, worse, completely ruined. If you’re still a bit new to all these, then it’s better to leave them out of the equation—at least for now—while you are still on the process of understanding the MLM industry and recruitment better.

  1. Sell a product that you love
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Many people are too busy trying to earn lots of money from networking that they fail to notice what their partner company is asking them to sell. Selling a certain product that goes against your interest or values in life can only lead to disaster. Thus, it is important to look for companies offering products that you can use to “sales talk” your way into potential members and customers without faking it. Conduct a research on good MLM companies that have products you yourself will surely use and partner with them. This will make your job easier and more exciting because you get to promote something that you love.

  1. Be real and ethical

Probably one of the main reasons behind the not-so-good image of networking is because a lot of MLM representatives use hype and wrong information just to attract new recruits. As a result, many people now think that all MLM companies are fraudulent and dishonest, when the truth is they’re not. If you truly want to be successful in your networking career and live with a clear conscience, then be genuine as you can get. Contacting a long-lost relative, for example, just to convince them to buy a product is going too far. Moreover, you have to be honest in all your dealings with potential members and customers. Your love and belief in your product will show in your words and actions. Believe me, customers can smell both sincerity and deceit. An ethical and successful businessman will never make false promises or go overboard with promoting your product. Hence, help your customers solve their problems by offering what’s best for them.

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Follow the tips above to help you elevate your networking career and make your MLM business soar high. Just remember that accomplishing all of your goals will never happen overnight as it takes time for anyone to build a solid network marketing business. So, don’t get give up just yet! You will eventually get there in time.



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