How To Generate Free Leads From Facebook

Leads From Facebook – The Basics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last seven years or so, Facebook is a social media site that lets its users share information within their group of friends to keep up on their daily lives. A recent statistic shows that there are more than 500 million users on Facebook and close to 50% log onto their Facebook account on any given day. An average of 700 billion minutes per month are spent on Facebook by registered people. With stats like that, there’s no question that Facebook is the biggest social networking website on the planet bar none.

You can find almost everything on Facebook, and believe me, some of it’s NOT pretty. Here’s the best part. There’s a ton of niche markets that you can get leads from Facebook on, that are trying desperately to build their own business. MLM and network marketing are no exceptions.

So you should be able to find endless leads from Facebook to recruit for your business right?

Not so fast.

How To Find Leads From Facebook (The Right Way)

Finding leads from Facebook isn’t that difficult, if you know where to start. Facebook has been a breeding ground for active networkers who are trying to grab the attention of like-minded people to join their opportunity. The only problem with that is that they (the potential prospect) is probably in a network marketing business, and failing miserably. Why? Because they’re trying to get leads from Facebook the wrong way! How many times have you received those annoying emails that advertise how much money you can make in 30 or 90 days? The same thing can and DOES happen on Facebook. Only it happens on a users profile wall, (which is REALLY annoying). That type of marketing is considered “spamming”. It’s childish and unprofessional. Don’t do it!

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How To Find Leads From Facebook

You can get leads from Facebook by joining various groups that are geared toward you niche market, (mine is MLM). But remember to not “spam” your link for your opportunity all over the place. You’ll attract better quality leads from Facebook if you don’t come across as a needy salesperson.

Another way to get leads from Facebook is by creating “events.” Events are a powerful way to get the message out about what you want to promote. Whether a training webinar, meeting, or a conference call, events are a quick way to send massive information.

But by far, the best way to get leads from Facebook is to simply….be yourself.

Getting The Right Leads From Facebook

People don’t like to be sold or “pitched” on an opportunity. People naturally connect with people who are real and original. Remember the last time a salesperson “rubbed” you the wrong way? You didn’t do business with that person. You made a connection with somebody else you felt comfortable with and was more helpful. The same principle applies when getting leads from Facebook. Maybe you have the same things in common with you potential prospect like sports, outdoors, or other general stuff. Getting quality leads from Facebook strictly depends on your integrity and leadership.

Think about this for a minute. If your neighbor suddenly won the lottery, wouldn’t you be curious how he won it? Besides just being “lucky”, you’d most likely want to know how he did it. Did he pick his own numbers? Have a system, or just had the computer pick the numbers for him? I know I’d be a little curious if any of my neighbors did. If you give people valuable “How to” information, you’ll attract better leads from Facebook!

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How To Attract More Leads From Facebook

When it comes to marketing an MLM on Facebook, you should get the whole idea of “What’s in it for me?” out of your head. MLM isn’t about me me me. It’s about helping your team of business partners successfully building their team, and so forth. Be a true leader when it comes to MLM by offering value that your team can use to duplicate their efforts so you can maintain a healthy down-line.

By simply offering help to others who are not reaching their goals in network marketing, you’ll attract prospects to you. You’ll form a relationship with them, and when the timing is right for your prospect, guess who’s opportunity they’ll join? That’s right YOURS!

It is possible to figure out how to get leads from Facebook by yourself. Or you can save yourself a ton of time and view my free video that my team put together that will show you the exact same steps I use to get free leads from Facebook.

Hopefully this article will help you learn how you can get leads from Facebook.

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