5 Reasons why Advertising on Social Sites Fails

MISTAKE #1 Lack of Activity

The number one reason advertising on social media sites delivers disappointing results comes down to one simple thing: lack of activity. A lot of people carry the misconception that all one needs to do is sign up for a social media site, and the floodgates of self-promotion will open wide. But nothing could be further from the truth! You must be active on your social media site in order to attract attention to anything you may be promoting. Additionally, it’s important to post updates about yourself as often as you can. This practice helps to ensure that you maintain a level of interest about you among the site’s members. By staying active in this way, you magnify interest in you, right along with awareness about the product, service or concept you are promoting. Be active, or risk being invisible!

MISTAKE #2 No Profile Picture

When you sign up for a social site, depending upon what it is that you are marketing, you’re likely to find it beneficial to include a profile picture. Not a cartoon image, not a flyer picture, or any kind of thumbnail image. You need to have a picture of yourself. People like to converse with people they can see, and having a picture of yourself posted helps site users to feel the real person behind your social site profile. Most importantly, make sure that your picture is tasteful and looks professional. There’s nothing like a bad profile picture to turn somebody off very quickly from one of your friend requests. It is important, important, important, to include a profile picture, and if that picture is going to do its job for you, it has to put you forward in the best possible light.

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5 Reasons why Advertising on Social Sites Fails

MISTAKE #3 No Information About You

When you sign up for a social networking site, please take the time to fill out the information about yourself. Taking the time to do this immediately makes you more sociable and relatable. If you fail to include information about yourself, you are more likely to be rejected when you send out friend or connection requests. The more information that you provide, the better, in as concise and simple a way as possible.

MISTAKE #4 No Website Links

If you are trying to promote any kind of service that you do on the web, and you’re not linking back to your personal website, then what is the point of being on the social site? Make sure that you provide website links within every social site that you sign up for. Do it wherever the opportunity exists, including (when you obtain permission) on your friends’ home pages or where status updates are posted. Always include your website link, no matter where you are on that social site. This will create a better listing for you on search engines, and it will also create a buzz to encourage people to visit your site.

MISTAKE #5 Too Much Spam From Your Profile

Please take notice, social networking sites are not designed to facilitate freely spamming people with your idea, your event or your business. Be careful to avoid the appearance of spam with your marketing efforts so that your visitors don’t get the wrong impression about what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Spam is a big turn off factor, as social networking sites are designed to create relationships and promote networking rather than becoming an overwhelming, 24-hour source of nothing more than commercials and sound bytes. Accordingly, your mission should be designed to create relationships, maximize networking opportunities, and foster new friendships, so that down the line your status updates and site activities will come to be positive things that people associate with about you. There is no need to add gimmicky lines, or any kind of false information, to bring more attention to your social site. In fact, these things only serve to leave a sense of distaste with your visitors, so work hard to set yourself apart from the gimmick masters and spam producers. You will find that your thoughtful and expressive site will be a refreshing break from the day-to-day avalanche of advertising spam people have to contend with. And that break may be just the one you need to put your business firmly at the front of your visitors’ minds.

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In my experience, there are many factors that limit or reduce the effectiveness of a social media website presence. By avoiding these “five” common mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to presenting yourself in a constructive and profitable way.

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