5 Hacks to Overcome Prospecting Fears in Network Marketing

Truth is, fears can play a big factor when prospecting and recruiting. Which, can slow or even kill the growth of one’s network marketing business. This blog is aimed at helping you overcome those pesky fears. Let’s face those fears, crush them, and reach our unlimited potential.

Maybe you’ve taken a sip out of the cup of self-doubt before…

And for some network marketers, there’s been self-questioning moments:

“Can I really do this?”

“Is this even for me?”

Because maybe you’re on the shy side, or, simply prefer your personal alone space…

OR maybe…

You’re a leader and have gotten the “shy” objection from someone:

“I’m shy, I don’t know many people”

“I can’t go out and prospect people over there”

How many have you had someone like that?

Well, for every shy person out there, you have shy friends, they also know maybe two or three, maybe five people who are also shy.

You think they have a couple of shy friends, as well.

And you tell them, “There you go, you can build a shy team.”

Whatever it is, there are NO EXCUSES.

You can still be successful like that in network marketing!

So, let’s go hardcore, let’s talk about recruiting.

3 Myths About Recruiting

Myth #1- You need to be good at sales.

Truth is, a lot of the top earners are not good in sales, and they can recruit. 

You do not need to be good at selling to be a top recruiter.

Myth #2- You need to know how to present well.

Did you know being a great presenter can sometimes get in the way of your recruiting?

That’s because when you try and be a great presenter, you end up talking too much…

In the early stages of their business, many people make the mistake of focusing on being the movie instead of being the trailer. 

Later in this blog, you’ll learn the difference between the two: being the trailer vs. being the movie.

Myth #3- Not many people are interested in network marketing.

There are tons and tons of people interested in network marketing!

The reason you haven’t found them yet is probably that you’re working with the wrong people.


Working with the wrong negative prospects, or, even negative downlines.

If you have negative downlines, you make more money when they quit.


Because they’re sucking up your energy.

They’re sucking up your time.


So, those are 3 myths about recruiting that hold many network marketers back.


Some brain hacks to help you overcome your fears, and you’re going to recruit people faster, increase your income

Because those fears are just that, fears… (False Evidence Appearing Real as the saying goes)

Who knows…

It could be by overcoming these fears, the very thing that changes your business drastically in the next months, and years.

5 Hacks to Overcome Prospecting Fears

Hack #1- You’re the messenger and not the message

You are the messenger. 

You’re not here to tell the story

Simply letting them know of something that can help them out.

Sell the trailer, not the movie.

Most of you, if you’re stuck, you can’t recruit…

How many people say to you “Oh, um, I don’t like to sell, I can’t sell.”

Many people get that response because they’re trying to be the movie.

For example…

You know sometimes you send the link to people, to get them to watch, so you say something like, “I’m going to send you a link to watch more info.”

Why not say instead…

“This is the video, it’s been watched 50,000 times, let’s talk about something that’s totally changed my life, changed my friend’s life, you need to… you know, whether you like it or not, you need to watch this video.”

Don’t just say, “here’s the link, take a look at it”

Have you ever watched a captivating movie trailer, (whether you searched up the trailer or saw it on a commercial), it captivated your interest just a bit more, didn’t it?

It increased your interest in the movie just a bit more.


Be the trailer, don’t be the movie.

Hack #2 You’re sorting- not selling nor convincing

When prospecting, you’re simply there to collect a decision.

A yes or a no. 

Yes, I’m in, I’m interested to learn more.


No, I’m not.

You are not there to sell or convince people.

A lot of people…with those that I coach, or elsewhere…

The most common question is:

“How do I convince this negative prospect to do that?”

You don’t.

You’re sorting, you’re not convincing.

Sort, sort, sort, sort.

Because, if you work hard to convince them, and for some sheer reason they do join, you will find yourself working too hard later down the line trying to convince them to take action on their business…

Hack #3 The 3-second rule.

Have you ever had a prospect, maybe you at a grocery store, and you see that person has a good smile, good attitude, could be a good prospect, and then you’re thinking:

“Maybe I shouldn’t bother them, maybe it’s not a good time.”

You start overthinking it, and then the next thing the person’s gone…

Have you ever had that happen to you?


Even at an event, maybe a convention, you see some leader and your inner dialogue goes a little like this:

“Oh, he’s a top speaker there, I want to get a selfie with him. He inspires me…”

“I want to go, but maybe I’m bothering him, maybe he’s got to get ready for his training…

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

And 20 maybes later…

In an instant, he’s gone.


So here’s the three-second rule…

The second you think about something, or someone, you’ve got three seconds you got to act.


Maybe you have a prospect, I should follow up with that person, the second you think about it, act on it, because the more you wait, the fear increases.

The more you don’t act your self-esteem goes down. Right. You want to have good self-esteem?

Some people, “Oh, I’m having a bad day.”

If you want to have a good day, take action.

Call three people, leave three voicemails, and instantly you feel better about yourself.

Even if they don’t pick up the phone, you leave a voicemail, you will feel better.

Truth is, if we don’t, we talk ourselves out of opportunity every single day.

Sometimes, we are our own biggest enemies.

Hack #4 You don’t need them but they need you

This ties to where your energy and time go to…


Because there’s the one and only you.

Because here’s the one thing, the most precious thing in the world that no one could ever get back.

What is that?


Spending time with terrible prospects and awful downlines…

Every second you’re spending on them, you’re missing out on focusing and finding the superstar leaders.

So, you have to understand, you don’t need them, but they need you because you have the best opportunity.

You have an opportunity to process and change lives.

And if they say, “No”, great.

Do you want to go global? 

There are over a billion people worldwide out there…

Hack #5 Reject them before they reject you

See, the whole key to being different and to always being the purple cow and standing out, do the opposite of the stereotypical network marketing distributor…

What’s a stereotype of a network marketing distributor for people out there? 

Desperate. Needy. Salesy. Pushy.


How many of you have had a prospect that hasn’t got back to you yet?


A prospect that has disappeared on you?

They still haven’t watched the video.

So, you’re still waiting for them…

It could be the stone ages again, and they still haven’t watched the video.

They’re avoiding you because they don’t want to tell you, “No.”


Most network marketing distributors, their networks shrink.

They burn their friends, they push the wrong way, and the network, they shrink it.

You want to always be expanding.

You always want to end every interaction on a positive note, because what happens…

The person you know may not become the superstar, but everyone knows someone that’s going to be a superstar in your business.

Enough with the Myths and Fears

Now that you’ve got a new insight into the ultimate myths and fears network marketers face…

You can start saying goodbye to those little annoying prospecting fears that are holding you back, and ultimately, your business.

So, did this post bring light to any prospecting fears?

Comment below, and please share, you never know who this post can help.

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