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Please PAY ATTENTION: The next 15 minutes can change everything for you…ONLY IF you STOP what you are doing right now and pay attention to every word on this page.

Dear Friend,

I am so glad that you are open-minded enough to take a look at this multi-million naira opportunity in the biggest industry in the world. I want you to do yourself a huge favor, don’t make any decision yet until you have gone through the whole information laid out here. It will take you about 15 mins to go through it, after which you will make a sound business decision.


The business opportunity I am about to introduce to you is not a get-rich quick scheme, but with hard work, honesty and dedication, your financial breakthrough is guaranteed! Four years ago I made the decision to partner with this great company and and since then my life has never remain the same again FINANCIALLY.

After several years of being on the internet, I have realized 3 vital ingredients for success in life…these 3 things work hand-in-hand and they are;

1. God (The Ultimate)

2. Who you know

3. What you have to offer

These three things are vital…without them, you cannot enjoy life to the fullest…

However, for the purpose of this letter, I would leave out the first and focus on the last 2 which are;

Who you know and what you have to offer.


Banks need people to come drop their money

Network providers rely on people to subscribe to their Network platform

The food seller in your area needs people to come buy food from him/her

Apple and Samsung go at logger-heads to ensure people patronize them and buy their products.

As a matter of fact, where you work now, you are directly or indirectly helping your company get more people or organizations to patronize them or subscribe to the various services or products they offer.

Which makes me arrive at this conclusion…


Knowledge about this fact makes me scoff at people that says “I don’t know how to talk to people” or you know Nigeria people don’t like network marketing”

Yet, Nigeria ranks highest on all major Networking platforms in terms of nos of participants.

So where are the people from?

Now having established this, let’s move to more pressing issues…

What you have to offer?

Do you know that, you cannot rise above the level of information you are exposed to per time?


Ok…let me break it down to you now…

In a world where information is quadrupling every second, and man is finding newer and more effective ways to do things without stress; for example…

There is now a machine that slices tomatoes and onions

There is now a simpler knife sharpening tool

There is now self-service banking if you want to avoid long queues

And come to think of it, there is even an easier way to POUND YAM!!!

Yet, there are some people who don’t know this because they are not exposed to it!

Likewise, there is an easy way to make an additional source of income whether you want to be involved part time or full time and of course does not jeopardize what you are currently doing right now.


It is important to note that your mind plays a major role in experiencing financial freedom. You are not poor because you lack money in your pocket. I want to tell you that poverty is of the mind. The difference between the RICH and the POOR is in their thinking pattern.

The rich think long and short term while the poor think of the immediate.

A Million Dollar Question 

The next five years, If you keep on doing what you’re doing now, what will your life be like?

You can still remain the same in the next 5 years except for THREE things;

1. Information: things you know.

2. Connection: people you know or meet.

3. Action: what you promptly do.


The greatest success in any person’s life is to be able to live the life he desires. The power of choice is what everyone really seeks in pursuing his dreams. Choice comes from something deep inside of you that guides you onto a certain path.

Many people today live quiet lives of desperation because the choices they have made may not have been the best, and they now find themselves destitute and looking for a way to change their lives. They’re looking for a way to get back on track with their personal desires and with the aspirations they had when they were younger.

When you’re young, you think outside of the Skinnerian box. You dream big. You visualize the things you want, and those visions flow into your subconscious with ease and fluidity. But as we grow older, the reality of trying to make a living and of living our ideal lives doesn’t seem to come so easily. In fact, we’ve realized that it requires work and effort.

It doesn’t help that our friends and family members tell us that we shouldn’t dream so big because we’re just setting ourselves up for disappointment.

So what happens? We start listening to others—and, little by little, our big dreams start to get smaller. They start to become more manageable. They start to become more realistic. If you haven’t figured it out by now, “realistic” is a code word for “dream killer.”

Everyone wants us to be realistic. Everyone tells us we expect too much out of life. So over time, the negative thinking starts to burrow into your subconscious, filling it with negatives while pushing out the big dreams you had buried there as child.

It’s no wonder that one day you wake up to your adult reality and realize that you are not happy with your job. In fact, you hate your job. Then one day when you sit down quietly to reflect on your life, you feel a deep sense of sadness and despair.


A chance to be your own boss, and set your own schedule.

The freedom to work from home with no commute.

A product people want and will pay for.

A proven business model that worked for me and many others.

All the support you need to be successful.

A chance to achieve true financial freedom and security.

If any of those goals appeal to you, then you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and learn more about this incredible home-based business…


Empowered Consumerism is the newest, boldest, innovative campaign of AIM GLOBAL designed to cater to the golden age of digital entrepreneurship using different social media platforms to share the health and wellness of world-class natural products and its inter-loop hybrid system to ordinary consumers for them to become millionaires.

We empowered ordinary consumers and make them entrepreneurs once they become part of our campaign. This campaign was invented 2020, backed up by 16 years of the solid company since then the income of empowered consumers tripled.

You shop or buy your favorite products in shopping malls and, grocery stores but you only spend your money why not think of a wiser decision by changing the brand of your products to empowered consumerism and have an opportunity to become Online Entrepreneur?

There are lots of benefits, the best compensation plan, experienced Board of Directors, training support, stable management, world-class products, friendly and supportive business partners.


Empowered Consumerism gives you a business opportunity you can do from your home, and become a millionaire (accumulating at least 15 million naira) in 12 months.

A Leverage Business

A Risk Free Business

A Home Based Business

A Relationship Business

You Choose Your Own Hours Of Work

You Are Your Own Boss

Your payment will be everyday and it increases exponentially

No Compulsory Selling Of Products

Overseas Trip Opportunity


Empowered Consumerism has lines of health food and beverage products that are exclusive, consumable, affordable, and they are effectively solving the health problems of the people.

The products are manufactured by NATURES WAY USA, are the sure solution to all the degenerative effects of free radicals in human system.

Our products are not the conventional drugs that has so much side effects, they are NATURA-CEUTICALS, THE NEXT GENERATION NUTRITIONAL FOOD PRODUCTS for Cellular Protection, Cellular Immunity, Cellular Energizer, Cellular Nourishment, Cellular Support, Cardio Protection And Cancer Protection.

aim global products

Great testimonies has emerged from hundreds and thousands of people on daily basis, and they share the awesome miracles God does through Empowered Consumerism Products.

Our purpose in this business is to solve the health problems of the people, and we have been creating great millionaires in the process.

The use of Nanotechnology makes our products ever fresh any time you take them. The technology protects the active components of our products and deposit them at the cell units where they are needed.

Nanotechnology compresses about 22,000 Phyto-nutrients in our products and 140 components into 1 capsule of our products.


No “compulsory” selling or re-ordering of products

No pyramiding

No matrix filling or cycling (because we are not illegal ponzi scheme)

No compulsory AUTOSHIP

No pass up of downlines

No demotion

No pass out: There’s no employer or employee relationship between you and the company. Since you’re the boss of yourself, no one will sack you but that doesn’t mean you’d renege any of alliance in motion rules.

No time frame: Since you’re an independent distributor, no one is commanding you and as such you choose when & how to do your business. You can become a global ambassador within 3 months, 6 months, a year, 2 years, 3 years, etc. depending on how industrious you’re with the business.

No Reversion: You can do the business part time or full time and if for any reasons you didn’t do the business for a very long time e.g 3 months; once you commence the business again you won’t start afresh – you’ll start from where stopped before.

Transferable accounts: Your next of kin can inherit your aim global accounts.

Registration is one-time and there’s no need to pay again till eternity, yet you will earn around the clock (as your team activities are growing).

Real-time income and activity tracking through our Online Data Tracking System (DTC).

DAILY and MONTHLY payout to your bank accounts.

Professional training system (to guide you into knowing the business better and presenting it to the world at large – all for FREE!)

Redundant binary recruitment.


If you or someone you know have heard or being involved with a company that uses the concept of Network Marketing to exploit people without giving them opportunity to earn decent income, the problem is not with Network Marketing as a business concept, but with the compensation plan of such company. The change lies in finding the right company.
In other word, Network Marketing is a nice business concept while compensation plan is how each company adopts the system in rewarding her members. Unfriendly compensation plan from some MLM companies has truly presented Network Marketing business as a kind of uninteresting business – VERY WRONG!
Empowered Consumerism compensation plan is second to none. It is philanthropic in nature. It allows everyone to generate quick income easily without any complicated requirements.
If you are already into Network Marketing and your company is not paying you well, CONSIDER EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM.
Empowered Consumerism has received a lot of GLOBAL AWARDS as currently the most preferred company of its kind in the world.



RETAILING (Optional)

Even though not everybody is interested in this business method, but the truth is it will help you to solve the health problems of the people and earn money in the process.

Buying of product is not compulsory but it is necessary, because it gives you between 25% and 100% retail profit on every product you order and give out.

There are many people in our business that makes retail profit of between ₦500,000 to ₦1Million on monthly basis, by using our products to solve the health problems of the people.


Get paid again and again as your team members succeed in the business. Just like I told you, job in this business is very simple –Tell your friends about it with our video tool or share this link and save your self stress, time, energy and money. This is what makes our business different, we talk less and share more.

Now here is how the business works. For any person you personally refer to this business, you will earn ₦20,000 as the referral bonus.


Also for any number of pairs or matches that happen in your team no matter the generation, you will earn ₦7,000 as the matching bonus for each of the pairs.

Empowered Consumerism works with a very lucrative compensation plan called the HYBRID BINARY SYSTEM where you have LEFT AND RIGHT BUSINESS CENTERS.

The binary system allows you to refer at least 2 ACTIVE people you know to this business and then you will be on your pathway to FINANCIAL PROSPERITY. Anybody that joins our business is expected to refer at least 2 ACTIVE friends to this business – Just 2 friends.

aim global matching bonus

Let’s assume you connected your friend “A” to the left side of your business and friend B on the Right side of your business, Aim global will pay you referral bonus of ₦20,000 because of A and ₦20,000 for B, that is ₦40,000. For the Matching Bonus; because you have friend A on your left and friend B on your right, you will earn additional #7,000. That is a TOTAL of #47,000 because your “2 – friends/partners” joined your business.

When your friend A, who is on your left team connects his 2 friends; and your friend B who is on your Right team connects his two friends. AIM GLOBAL will pay your friend A total of ₦47,000 and your friend B a total of ₦47,000 as they did to you when you got your own 2 – partners. You at this point will earn another Residual Matching Bonus. One new person from your left side will match with one new person from your Right side to pay you another ₦7,000. The other new person from your left side will match with the other new person from your right to pay you another ₦7,000 and you know what? You may not even know that those people registered in your team and yet you are making money every day.

Isn’t that wonderful?

As those people get their own people and more people enter your business which must surely happen, you will keep making money down the generations every day, every week and every month.

Empowered Consumerism business is simple and profitable. Any 1 person that joins your business on your left side will match with another person that joins your business on your right side to pay you ₦7,000.

No matter who introduced them to the business, no matter the generation it happened. No matter the day and time it happened. Imagine making ₦7,000 to infinity.

Because of the great hybrid system of our company many Nigerians, Ghanaian, Ugandans, Kenyans, Togolese, Cameroons are joining from all walks of life now extraordinary millionaires and we get our dreams come true!

You must be passionate in becoming a MILLIONAIRE. Our Investment is lifetime. You can start by helping people who can be passionate about becoming a millionaire like you.

Your daily earnings to your local bank account and payment alert begins as you do the business.


This unilevel bonus is based on product reorders from your first generation up to your tenth generation. You can earn a monthly income of 5%-10% rebates on sales volume (SV) based on product Commissional Points. Earn 5% from your Indirect Referrals and 10% from your Direct Referrals. (ADDITIONAL MONTHLY INCOME)



In this plan you will get another commission in your down line reorder which varies on your position.

Distributor – once you join Empowered Consumerism, you are automatically become its distributor. In this position you have 0% commission from your first level to infinity level.

Silver Executive – in this position,you need to accumulate 10 Positional points. This is not individual points, it is a group points. If you get promoted as SE, you will have additional 10% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity level.

Gold Executive – in this position, you need to accumulate 100 Positional points. It is also a group points. If you get promoted as GE, you will have additional 20% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity level.

Global Ambassador – in this position, you need to accumulate 1000 Positional points. It is also a group points. If you get promoted as GA, you will have additional 30% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity.


Distributors will enjoy commission from 1st level up to the 20th level, following their stairstep genealogy (same name compression plus dynamic compression).

1st -3rd 5%

4th -8th 4%

9th -15th 3%

16th -17th 4%

18th -20th 5%

To enjoy the 11th-20th level, one must be in a prime position


Because you are starting a business you need capital. If you are not ready to invest then be ready to work for someone else for the rest of your time!

Take charge of your income future, start your business in Empowered Consumerism with just ₦79,990…(Multiple account also allowed)


This is something very amazing about Empowered Consumerism. If you pay ₦79,990 to start your business, you will receive a business starter pack that will contain all the wonderful products of the company with monetary worth of more than ₦100,000 – which is more than the amount you paid. You are not mandated to sell the products (optional), you may share some with your family and friends, and use some of them yourself in order to get your personal testimonies that will keep you going in this business.

I’ll give you all the necessary help you will need to succeed in this business.


Your work is simple; just open your line of network. It is like opening your business everyday to sell and make money. But here in our business, your presence is not required to drive it.

What do I really mean?…

Tell your friends about the business…

In fact there are millions of people out there that are looking for a great opportunity like this.

Think about our jobless graduates.

Think about numerous people that hate their jobs.

Think about those that want financial freedom, those that want good retirement, and those that want more out of life.

All you need to do is to connect them to this business. I have seen a lot of young people below 30 years making money in excess of between ₦500,000 and ₦1,000,000 extra income from the comfort of their homes, in our business.

I know what you are thinking now…

“But how can I tell my friends about this business”- I don’t always have time. I cannot talk to people etc.

That’s ok…everything has been worked out for you. Bankers are doing our business. Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Students, Pastors, and Even Bishops; all are doing our business and they are succeeding in it.


I’ll work with you to make sure you register your first 2 people ASAP because I know fully well that getting referrals is one of the things that discourages a lot of people from going into Network Marketing.

Now, you have no excuse not to join this life changing business.

If you want to link your Empowered Consumerism with your local bank account (You’ll receive your payments via Access or Ecobank Plc) – contact me as well. I would guide you on how to go about it. You can also call any of these nos 0810 658 2919 or 0805 512 2411.

When your commissions are paid into your Empowered Consumerism A/c, simply put a call across to me and I would gladly walk you through the process of en-cashing your money to your local Bank Account.

You can see for yourself that I’m genuinely here to help you. Nigeria is in indefinite recession and the best way to survive this harsh economic condition is to have as many streams of income as possible.

This is one sure way to make money online. And I am more than willing and ready to help you make your first one million naira in MLM business, if you have not done so before now.

The choice is now entirely yours to make.

I believe in these two sayings; “The most poor person in this world is not the man without money, but a man without DREAMS”. “A poor man says “To see is to believe”. While a rich man say’s “Believe and you will see” IMAGINE YOUR DREAMS!

I know you want to have a FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM in life. I know you want to become SUCCESSFUL.

In order to help, not only to our family but also to the less fortunate people. This BUSINESS PROGRAM can help you ACHIEVE your GOALS and DREAMS of FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM.


Any amount you earn in Empowered Consumerism business will be paid into your ACCESS BANK or ECOBANK account. If you don’t have account in ACCESS or ECOBANK, what you will do is to start the business, then later you can open the account, and link it up.

Empowered Consumerism offers Travel incentives to her partners every year. If you qualify you will have the opportunity to travel to EUROPE, US and the PHILIPPINES – all expenses paid!


In my team, we help every member to start earning a decent income very fast by providing a series of professional training and resources for free.

These includes: 

Social media like Facebook and Linkedin marketing tips.

How you can build a fast-growing network right inside your room or office, using the internet, without having to talk to anyone on the street.

How you can build a multimillion Network Marketing empire side by side with your current job or business – An easy and effective plan for the working class and the busy and

Free prospecting videos

Access to our Members Only Whatsapp discussion group: We also help our members in talking to their prospects without any glitch. We believe that as we do that, you’ll learn and grow along the way.

Free copies of all our lead generation materials

A lot of professional print materials like brochures and flyers.

How to get people interested in your business without talking to them etc…

Private Mentoring

Our goal is for every member of our team to start making a decent income on daily basis very fast without having to talk to anyone on the street, and our pro-networking tactics have helped us to always achieve that.

Now YOU Have Two Choices...

First Option – Do nothing, and NOT take this leap of faith (Which is 100% Risk FREE).

Second Option – Pay this small investment today (Compare to all the value you’ll get in return, and just give it a shot!).

If you start within 48hrs of seeing this information you will get 6 months free Mastermind Mentorship worth N2.5M.

Benefits: You will be supported to make up to N1M profit in 3 to 6 months.


Weigh what you stand to lose and what you stand to gain. If what you stand to lose is great, drop the opportunity. But if what you stand to gain is more than what you stand to lose, seize the opportunity.

If you don’t seize the opportunity, you will remain where you are this time next year – FACT


Who I am and why did I join Empowered Consumerism?

I studied Business Management in a very good school and have traveled round the country in the course of my career.

In the course of my Management career…I have been hungry for these things….more money, more time, better health, vacation times with my loved ones, the opportunity to touch lives and help people become successful.

Most of these things, my management career didn’t offer me

I wanted to be in charge of my life and destiny…

I wanted to use my creative and genius for myself

And along the way…

God brought EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM opportunity my way.

Now…I am busy helping people like YOU to achieve their financial dreams and not going up and down looking for jobs that pays you something that can’t sustain you…

I have my time freedom and now decide how much I earn instead of allowing a company decide my future.

In my opinion I strongly believe that EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM BUSINESS is God’s sent to humanity.

The business has changed a lot of people’s live here in Nigeria.

Don’t be left out of this great opportunity…

I’m ready to work with you…

You can simply ignore this letter or say yes to Financial Freedom.

The choice is yours…

But don’t forget one thing, Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly (POOR) makes one poor.

A word is enough for the wise!

Join the Fastest Growing Business Company in Africa!

Empowered Consumerism offers one of the most dynamic and innovative compensation plans in the global direct selling profession. A company you would be proud and honored to join and be part of – More than 10 Million Members around the world belong to the Empowered Consumerism family and its exponential growth is unabated.

Feel proud of working with outstanding and highly experienced company leaders. Its three directors are accomplished entrepreneurs in their own right with 40 years of combined experience in successful network marketing.

Imagine having a business that lets you decide your own working hours, the people you work with and the most importantly, the freedom to earn unlimited income with the efforts you put into the business.

At your fingertips, is the power to skyrocket your income into orbit, regardless of your age, level of experience, or backgrounds.

Isn’t it the time to go from unsure to unstoppable?

So what are you waiting for?

This is the time and the opportunity to live your dreams.

PS: A postponed decision is a missed opportunity.

Find out where successful people are going and join the trip.

Don’t wait to ask them how was the trip.

If you spend too much time thinking about something you will never get anything done.

How many great opportunities have you missed just because you needed to think about it or watch to see if others will fail?….and they didn’t?

Life is for the prepared, serious and committed!

Nothing happens by chance.

Empowered Consumerism has created more millionaires than any other network marketing companies in Nigeria.

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